Hi There,

I am Tarana, currently the founder of Connectedreams.com, an online data-driven cultural context-aware networking platform to bridge the role model & mentorship gap for young women in South Asian countries. 

Before starting Connectedreams, I was a field researcher and strategic experience designer with Laboratory for Social Machines at MIT focusing on developing innovative technological solutions for social engagement and change. Prior to arriving at MIT, I obtained masters in design and technology from New York University. 

I am passionate about exploring the ways in which design, semiotics, ethnography and technology can be fused to change environments and impact life for good. I believe that technology and design can be effective tools for fighting social and political issues, both within local communities and globally. I am a strong proponent of human rights and universal health reforms. Eventually, I hope my work will inspire members of society to make educated, conscious and compassionate decisions about their actions.

In past, I have explored the role played by mythological references and imagery as the visual communication vehicle of Indian culture. My work was focused on exploring metaphysical concepts embedded in these visual forms and their impact on the modern society.

Travel has played a large role in shaping my view of people, cultures, diversity, colors, mythological forms, embroideries, dances and drama. I learnt that for any design problem, one should hope to find not one but many solutions. 



tg1047@nyu.edu, tarana@media.mit.edu



21 Oct’16. Invited moderator at IIT Bombay Annual Conference 2016, New York. Panel Discussion “Learning From Our Own”

06 Oct’15. Invited Speaker at World Usability Congress, Graz, Austria. Harnessing the Potential of Digital Networks to Create More Women Role Models in Developing Nations.

02 May’14. Invited talk at MIT Media Lab. Decode Delhi - A crowd sourced technological intervention that can help people navigate and discover a city with a focus on safety.



19 May’14. Decode Delhi covered by VitaminW.

17 Dec’13. Not Lost In Translation covered by CreativeApplications.Net.

22 Nov’13. Listen To My Wrist covered by Technical.ly/brooklyn.

22 Nov’13. Listen To My Wrist covered by Wearablesinsider.com.